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You never know what 50 Cent has up his sleeve. As of last week Fif made it seem that the likelihood of a G-Unit reunion was slim to none. Well the Unit reunited on the HOT 97 Summer Jam stage all the while Slow from Slow Bucks was allegedly beaten and robbed of jewelry.

UPDATE: Check out Hip-Hop Wired’s exclusive footage of the fight right here.

In April the Slow Bucks crew and Meek Mill affiliate Trav flicked it up with 50’s son on Instagram. The “Don’t Worry About It” rapper quickly commented on it, stating “This picture was a bad idea.”

Fast forward to the Summer Jam festivities, 50 Cent was rocking the official “Cuffing Season” remix with Fabolous while a commotion involving Slow ensued. In several videos that captured the event there was indeed some sort of altercation but the details still remain murky.

According to XXL:

“A fight broke out on stage as G-Unit was performing. Slow from Slow Bucks was was angered as security refused to let him join G-Unit on stage. Lloyd Banks also looked upset about the situation. Fabolous had to calm down and walk Slow off the stage. Hot 97′s Ebro Darden also had to talk with Bucks to de-escalate the situation. A source at Summer Jam says that Slow has problems with one of the crew members of 50 Cent.

However, AllHipHop had a different take on things:

“Members of Slowbucks were assaulted and had their chains snatached. As shown in video provided by Real Talk NYaround the 1:41 mark of the video, you can clearly see a group of men kicking and punching a man on the ground. Interestingly enough, 50 Cent takes a gander over at the mayhem and continues to play hypeman Fabolous’ verse.”

To add some more fuel to the rumors, an unverified Mr. Cee account Twitter tweeted Slow about retrieving the missing chain for a price.

In a Twitter exchange Ebro, former Hot 97 Program Director, eluded to shutting down 50 Cent’s set early due to the ruckus.

Slow nor 50 Cent have alluded to any of the rumors. You can view footage of Fif’s entire set on the next page with the madness starting around the 10 minute mark.

What do you make of all this? Should Slow had been smarter about being on that stage? Let us know in the comments section.

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