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So this is hella awkward. A man in Malaysia mustered up enough courage to purchase a penile enlargement apparatus online. Unfortunately, he didn’t get what he paid for.

The man spent roughly $167 on the enlarger only to receive a $10 magnifying glass with very clear instructions: Do Not Use in Sunlight.

From the UK Daily Mail:

The victim of an elaborate scam, which cost him the equivalent of £100 for a £5 magnifyer has been named only as Ong, the chairman of Malaysia’s customer complaints bureau, Mr Seri Michael Chong, told The Star newspaper.

‘As you can imagine, he is feeling rather disgruntled,’ said Mr Chong.

 The deflated and embarrassed customer has not come forward to reveal who he ordered the penis enlarger from.

‘The unfortunate gentleman is just one of many who have fallen victims to these kind of misleading scams,’ Mr Chong said.

‘Men and women are equally vulnerable to these scams. Three people lost a total of more than £15,000 ($25,000) to these scams this year alone.’

Online tricksters, he said, lure their victims by selling their products at a low price and very often the items never get to their customers.

Enlarging the man junk is a growing trend overseas apparently. A UK doctor said he performed 200 enlargement surgeries in a single year, and that was back in 2012.

Maybe the Malaysian dude should’ve went to a doctor instead of taking the “do it yourself” route.

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