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A dose of bad weather nor a string of violent attacks couldn’t keep English concertgoers from braving the storm to get a glimpse at Snoop Dogg performing at the annual Parklife Festival.

The legendary rapper rocked a crowd of more than 60K at Manchester’s Heaton Park as intense downpours layered the ground with mud.

According to BBC News, the weather wasn’t the only menace in the park. On Saturday June 7, a 26-year-old man was knocked unconscious after he caught a brutal fade from someone who’s full description was given to Greater Manchester Police. In an unrelated melee, two men were stabbed during a fight leaving one with serious but non-life threatening injuries in the hospital. Police made arrests in the attack.

Snoop’s set wasn’t blamed for inciting the riotous behavior and it was for the better. He was essentially banned from the country for life after being busted after a fight in the airport in 2006. The ban was lifted in 2010.

Flip through the gallery to see pics of Snoop giving the U.K. fans a taste of both the Dogg and the Lion.

Photos: Steve Searle/

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