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Upon further review, it appears that Hip-Hop Wired’s André 3000 sighting at the 2014 Governors Ball Music Festival was just one of many. Instagram users actually flooded the social media site with photos of the often reclusive MC in an array of scenarios.

From selfies to candid images, folks left no stone unturned. The more eccentric half of Outkast was quite personable with fans, or at least that’s what the pics infer. A few instances show that Three Stacks momentarily took attention away from Childish Gambino during his set on Saturday, June 8, when he showed face in the photo pit to watch the comedian turned rapper perform. But then again, it is André 3000 we’re talking about.

Who would let that moment pass?

Hit the jump to see your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper interact with the people.

Photo: Instagram

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