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Christin Howard, a 20-year-old openly gay man was enjoying the festivities at an annual Detroit gay pride festival when he says he was the victim of an unprovoked attack which left him physically and emotionally scarred.

The vicious attack was caught on video during Sunday’s Detroit’s Motor City Pride and Howard tells his local news outlet that the incident may have jilted him from returning all together.

“Will I go back to pride? I’m kind of iffy about it right now,” he explained to WXYZ. “Because I don’t want that incident to happen again, what if the same guys are there?”

David Alexander Bullock, the national spokesperson for Change Agent Consortium sympathizes with Howard and says Detroit is unsafe for gays, Blacks and the marginalized by society.

“We pray for Christin Howard and the perpetrators,” says Bullock in a statement. “If you are low to middle income, gay, a senior, single mother, a returning citizen or any other marginalized group this city is unsafe. It is time to go beyond police cars and tough on crime rhetoric and make deep changes in an educational and social economic system that denies freedom and supports frustration – the kind of frustration that manifests as senseless violence.”

The disturbing footage below shows at least eight men ganging up on Howard while shouting anti-gay slurs and making comments about his hair.

Watch it below. Very discretion is advised.

Photo: WXYZ