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“They are upset with our aggressive posture against all gangs,” Pacheco said. “White supremacist gangs have been very violent, especially toward law enforcement.”

The recent actions from white supremacists have made it evident that acting out scenes from Home Alone doesn’t end when a person is young.

Dozens of homes in Southern California, where white supremacists resided, were raided Tuesday by authorities in connection to booby trap attacks targeting police officers.

None of the suspects arrested, however ,were directly related to the attacks, and only serve as part of the plan to catch the culprits responsible.

The Hemet Police Department has been under fire from these attacks since New Year’s Eve.

One trap involved a ballistic device strapped to a fence at the gang unit compound that sent a bullet inches past an officer’s face.  Another case involved a natural gas line being rerouted and filling the compound with flammable vapor.

Looking to cause chaos, four city trucks were set on fire and an unmarked police car had an explosive device attached to it after the officer entered a convenience store.

Now people have always said “F**k the Police”, but man, this takes the cake in eradicating law enforcement.

Fortunately in these incidents, no one was harmed.

Invading 35 homes and taking 16 people into custody, federal and local officers rung up an array of crimes which include weapons, narcotics and parole violation according to Hemet police Capt. Dave Brown.

Brown hopes that these arrests will lead to bigger fish and bring in more suspects.