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The war of words between Joe Budden and the Wu Tang camp has finally come to a halt even though it was really done a while ago until Inspectah Deck came with “House Ni**a.” Deck and Budden have both stated that they are done going back and forth and pulled away from the battle.

The Jersey rapper issued yet another apology, specifically to Method Man, for the way he approached the “Best Rapper Alive” list and the distasteful way he addressed Meth. He has even stated that he will no longer comment on the situation, for the time being.

Budden has, however, laced a warning to the members of Wu Tang stating that he will bear lyrical arms if any mention of his name, in a disrespectful tone, ever happens again. If anything negative is said about him, he has promised that the peace treaty is over and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop him including Slaughterhouse. He added that although the older generation feels that the new kids should show respect to those that pioneered the movement, the older heads should also give the same amount of respect to the generation now. Generation now is clearly delegating the Hip-Hop game now so that must be noted and respected above all else.

After releasing “House Ni**a” Deck just stated that he was standing up for his fellow member Method Man as no one else in the Clan was stepping up to the plate. Although he can’t take back what he said in the diss track, he has added that he will wipe his hands of the situation and won’t have any more words to throw at the Jersey rapper.

During the Rock the Bells tour, the war of words seemed as though it was going to escalate into a physical altercation. When Deck was on stage shouting “Fu&% Joe Budden,” Budden allegedly went on a search for Deck and his camp to confront the rapper. Although Budden said that he was never going to put hands on Deck, he did hint that he was prepared to release a diss track over Wu Tang’s “Triumph.”

Although he has issued a final apology to Method Man for his choice of words initially, he has added that there will be a diss track about him on the upcoming self-titled Slaughterhouse album. Due to the timing, the song was unable to be removed as the disc is already in production.

Now as a fan of music, someone from Wu Tang needs to say something to stir Budden. With all of this talk about preserving the essence of Hip-Hop and trying to save it, battle rap is an essential factor in what made the art form what it used to be.

So just push the tough guy talk aside with idle threats of beating people up and just whoop each other’s a*s on wax. The fans deserve to hear this fight.