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Dear diary…babies are such a nice way to start people and that’s probably why people have them.  In addition to the aforementioned benefits, children are probably a parent’s most valuable resource and the best hope for their financial future.

See, unfortunately most American’s have retirement portfolios that are written in red ink, which in turn means that most Americans might spend their “Golden Years” living in poverty.  But…

Say you had a son whose music catalogue was worth $70 million.  The last thing you’d think you’d have to worry about is living like a poor person with lots of money.  But say your son did stuff like gave heiress Paris Hilton a Maybach, purchased her a $2 million necklace and flew her to the French Riviera via private jet — at a cost of $275,000.

Or say he purchased Lil Kim a Bentley coupe and regularly tricked off millions in diamonds and cars on his various ladyfriend’s including Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kardashian.

Or say he had his garage stocked with at least 13 vehicles, including a $600,000 Mercedes SLR McLaren, a $500,000 Mercedes Maybach and a $1.7 million black Bugatti Veyron — the most expensive car on the market.  Or say he paid $20 million for a 125-foot yacht and purchased an 18,000-square-foot white-columned Palm Island mansion for $10.5 million.

Or… say he had a $3 million 34-carat yellow-diamond pinkie ring that crowned his personal jewelry collection, which also included a diamond watch formerly owned by Michael Jackson.

You might be nervous, but you would still think you’d be okay right?

You certainly wouldn’t think that Capital One would be suing you for $5,700 owed on a credit card that you used for food and pharmacy bills.  You definitely wouldn’t think that the carpet in your $81,000 house would turn 36-years-old this year.  You would never believe that you would have to you use your father’s social security checks to pay for his medical expenses.  Right?

Well if your name was Scott Storch and Yolanda Storch (Scott’s mother) you’d be wrong.

That said, here’s the two things I learned today from this spectacular story of excess and non-responsibility:

1. Money can buy everything…including poverty.

2. Treating you momma like Shyte ain’t a good look.  I’m just saying.

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Scott Storch’s Mother Says Producer Won’t Support Family

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