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Mimi Faust’s back story is more interesting than Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta viewers may know. Reality TV cameras can only catch so much, and the same can be said for the different sides (angles) of herself that she showed with that shower rod porno

In three seasons of LHHATL viewers have seen her go through all kinds of struggle, usually involving Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, and maybe the words: “Hey maid.”

She’s looked pretty crazy in just about every season of LHHATL thus far, but the good news is everybody on that show makes a fool of themselves at least once.

For year one Mimi was trapped in that love triangle, and the next season she got into a relationship situation with that  Nikko Smith character (he makes musical tragedies). This season is about taking it up a notch. Mimi’s latest stoyline involves that adult film they’ve been talking about it for weeks now, and her teflon-strength hatred for Stevie J and The Puerto Rican. She even has enough time on her hands to have lunch meetings with Benzino (not a good idea, by the way) about whether or not Stevie J is and Joseline are actually married.

All that stuff is entertaining, but we wanted to learn a little bit more about this 44-year-old mom.

Read 10 facts about her in the gallery below.

Photos: Instagram/Georgia Mugshots/Fulton County  Jail

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