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Members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity at Wayne State University have been suspended now that a young man has come forward claiming that he was beaten so severely his urine turned red and he was hospitalized for two weeks from kidney failure.

The University’s chapter has been suspended indefinitely now that 21-year-old Eric Walker is speaking out saying that he was beaten for weeks by members of the fraternity at an off campus location.

He describes what happened to him to FOX News Detroit saying,

“They would hit me all over. They would have me recite information I’d learned about history or whatever, and see how I responded under pressure by hitting me with thick paddles and slamming my body with their hands.”

He says the last straw however came March 1 when members of the organization from different schools around the state came to a house and beat him.

Walker claims he was paddled and hit so hard in the chest and back that he turned purple and his urine was red.

He also says he was made to eat dog food.

“They told me to stand up straight, and they would be hitting me in my chest or my back. Often, I would be getting hit from behind with a paddle and then hit on my back at the same time.”

Following that beating he was hospitalized for two weeks after suffering kidney failure.

He has since transferred schools.

Check out Walker speaking out to FOX News Detroit below.