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You’ve heard Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Rocko and Rich Homie Quan namedrop Breitling in their songs to make you feel some kind of way. That way, in fact, is to show you can still be flashy without being gaudy. The Swiss watch manufacturer is back in the game with new product, combining their aerodynamic design with sleek blackness for the Breitling Avenger Blackbird.

Like most of their products, the Avenger Blackbird looks like a yacht’s nautical system and is constructed just as strong. It packs a titanium case coated with carbon-based treatment and Teflon-coated nylon military strap. The built-in chronometer is also certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres. In other words, you can get off your coast guard duty and hit the Supperclub without having to worry about your wrist ornament.

All the fancy specifications are cool but if you’re worried about price, it should be comforting to know for only $5,105, the 17-jeweled, black military strap and luminescent coating can be in your possession in a heartbeat.

Visit if you’re in the business of buying. If you’re just window shopping for now, hit the gallery to see pictures of the new black beauty.

Photos: Breitling

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