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DMX‘s surely hefty royalty checks are going to get a little leaner. A judge has ordered that said payments be garnished in order to satisfy child support that is due to his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons

Reports TMZ:

DMX is gonna notice his royalty checks coming up light — his ex-wife just got court approval to start garnishing his wages to satisfy his monthly child support … TMZ has learned. 

Tashera Simmons will be pulling $15,000 per month out of X’s checks from Universal Music Publishing … according to income withholding docs filed in New York state. 

The docs state that $10,000 is earmarked for child support for the former couple’s four kids, and another $5,000 goes toward “other.”


But wait. If X’s royalty checks are that chunky, it makes his past claims of bankruptcy and being straight up broke, kind of suspect. Of course, anyone can spend way more than they earn, but damn. 

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