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Being The Bawse of Maybach Music Group means never going without a dull moment, and when you’re as big as Rick Ross (figuratively speaking, of course. He’s been in the gym), it’s hard to make moves without finding yourself in at least one awkward situation. Rozay has had more than a few incidents that he’d probably like to forget, but it doesn’t really work that way in the public eye. 

Over the weekend, Ross was allegedly run up out of the Motor City the day he was supped to perform at Hot 107.5 FM’s Summer Jam Z17. The Ross show never happened, but not because an alleged mob was outside ready to properly wash and fold the 38-year-old “War Ready” rapper before he ever made it to the stage.

Rozay blamed the issue on the show promoter. He also let loose a semi-comprehensible, yet weird, metaphor about the living in the wild. “In the jungle you don’t let the lions out,” he said. “You lock ’em in!”

Um, yeah.

So basically Ross is the physical representation of a word labyrinth, until he feels fully ready to address the situation. It’s a pattern.

Take a look at some of his awkward moments in the gallery below.

Photos: Instagram/YouTube

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