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The World Cup has been dominating in the ratings and on Rihanna’s Twitter timeline, but there’s one problem with the latter. Rih Rih hasn’t  rooted for the USA in the World Cup and people are mad about it.

Rih has been using Twitter to promote her love for team Christiano Reynaldo, team Portugal, team Germany, and team anything-that’s-not-the-USA. However, it’s important to note that she doesn’t actually have to cheer for the USA if she doesn’t feel like it, and she’s not American. The 26-year-old “Right Now” singer is a native of Barbados. However, she resides in the 50 states, and her money is likely USD.

Not that it’s anyone’s business but her bank account and address are what seems to be getting the Twitter mob upset. She’s also being called a “troll” for the  show of allegiance to non-American World Cup players.

Too far?

Peep some of the reactions to her tweets in the gallery below.

Photos: Twitter/Instagram

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