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Ne-Yo put together one hell of an outfit for this year’s BET Awards. From the moment his wide brim hat, harem pants, and matrix snaggy ensemble walked onto the carpet, people pretty much lost their minds.

The general consensus is that he looked pretty crazy but again, fashion is an objective realm.  More than anything those fashion experts trolling your Twitter timeline want answers as to what motivated the outfit, but he really owes us no explanation. Does it matter if the hat was inspired by Mortal Kombat, Breaking Amish, or both? Nope.

Did he spend time putting the look together piece by piece, or did he just roll out of bed like that? It’s not our business.

Ne-Yo is a music genius, his clothes don’t necessarily need to reflect that fact. Also, fashion was a big thing at the BET Awards this year, maybe Ne-Yo just wanted to stand out. If so, mission accomplished.

View reactions to his outfit in the gallery below.

Photo: Getty Images

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