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Embattled artists who hold open question segments on Twitter have to know by now that they’re paying to their publicists money to piss in the wind. First it was R. Kelly, then it was T.I., and now it’s Robin Thicke who appears to be a glutton for punishment from social media.

The 37-year-old R&B star has been desparately trying to build buzz for his upcoming album, Paula, which is doubling for a forgiveness note from his estranged wife.

He was so desparate in his approaach that he turned to the very same cynical Twitter crowd who clowned him when he and Patton initially split.

VH1 hosted the thread under the #AskThicke hashtag last night and the slander is going on 24 hours strong. Thicke, who is still draped in the long shadow cast by his mega-hit “Blurred Lines,” claimed he was unaffected but when the fans are this merciless, it’s probably a good time to retreat to a tropical island until the public is ready to see you like the doctor’s office. Just ask Chris Brown.

Without further adieu, peep the 20 most abusive, slanderous and hateful responses to #AskThicke. Robin, you knew better than this.

Photos: Alberto Reyes/, Twitter

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