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LA Clippers center DeAndre Jordan was in Amsterdam, and did what people in Amsterdam tend to do. However, getting seen rolling a “cigarette” of what more than likely was marijuana may not fall in line with his duties as an NBA player. 

TMZ reports:

DeAndre Jordan‘s European vacation has moved to Amsterdam … where the L.A. Clippers superstar did what everyone in Amsterdam does — visited one of the famous coffee shops. 

The 7-footer was seen passing around a hand-rolled cigarette … though it’s unclear what was inside … but, c’mon .. they don’t call Amsterdam the weed capital of the world for nothing.  

Now, to be fair … there are no photos of Jordan actually smoking the “cigarette” … but you can definitely see him filling it up and clutching it in his hand … holding it for a friend maybe??

Check out the photos of what damn sure looks like Jordan (Matt Barnes was in the vicinity, too) getting set to puff on that good good over at TMZ.


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