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Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J might just be a match made in struggle heaven. These two love a good publicity stunt, so why not turn it up a few notches over the 4th of July holiday?

Last week, Stevie J went to TMZ to blast Hernandez for cheating with 30 different dudes. She responded with a series of “TMI” sex tweets, that included Kevin Durant, Rick Ross, Drake, Nelly, and a driver at the White House on her faux smash tally. Hernandez, or whoever had control of her account for the day, also  shared a tidbit about AIDS, and accidentally tweeted her own phone number which everyone assumed belonged to KeKe Palmer.

She now claims the whole thing was the work of a“hacker.”

With a new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premiering tonight (July 7), the doting couple’s fake break up war was pretty genius, even though it didn’t last long.  By this morning, The Baddest P*ta pulled the rabbit out of the hat and then Instagrammed a video praising her beauty and showing off a two-toned weave/wig contraption. Oh, and Stevie was there too.

It’s pretty hard out there for reality stars with expiration dates, we gotta give these two and ‘A’ for effort. Hit the gallery to see their break up to make up foolery and the reactions, in the gallery below.

Photos: Twitter/Instagram

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