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The economy must be getting better because people are actually donating money to potato salad. Yes, that is correct. A man in Ohio launched a $10 Kickstarter campaign that’s already made well over $40,000 and he still has 24 more days to go.

Zack Brown kept it simple on Kickstarter writing, “Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet.”

The public responded in droves. With a minimum bid of $1, Brown has received over 4,200 backers and growing. As he raised more money he also added new goals like, “two different potato salad recipes” and “better mayonnaise.”

Bigger donations buy you bigger perks in the potato salad campaign. For example, a $20 contribution earns a “potato-salad themed haiku,” a person’s “name carved into a potato” and some other stuff.

This sounds like it’s not real (one of the backers is Josh Malina — aka David Rosen — from Scandal. Could Olivia Pope be behind this?) but as the company put it in a statement, “Kickstarter’s a global community of millions of people who fund projects of all shapes and sizes. There’s no single recipe for inspiration.”

Kickstarter seems to be the place to bring in money, and quickly. Lavar Burton raised $1 million in a day for to relaunch Reading Rainbow on the web.

Photo: Zack Brown/Kickstarter