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It’s no ancient scrolled secret that detailed lyricism has fallen way down on the list of priorities for rappers. And truth be told, professional Hip-Hop recording artists are adept in making a forms of gibberish sound cool.

Still, there is no excuse for the desecration of the English language and faux metaphors a lot of rappers try to slide past listeners. And they’re being called out for on Instagram.

Social media superstar and budding actor Emmanuel Hudson specializes in colorful face expressions and witty one-liners and he’s recently unleashed a series of memes featured both aforementioned natural talents, aiming straight at the head of rappers.

No household name is spared and no f*cks were giving. The memes range from Warren G’s infamous butchering of spelling the word “next” to Kendrick Lamar’s scatterbrained alcoholism anecdotes.

Flip through the gallery below and see if the Wild ‘N Out star took shots at your favorite rhyme star. Chance are he did.

Photos: Instagram/Emmanuel Hudson

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