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Iggy Azalea is at that high point in her career where people can’t stop attacking her. The dichotomy is as strange as it is par for the course, once an artist reaches a certain stature.

This should be a time in Azalea’s life where she’s basking in the glory of her success, especially moving across the world (that probably wasn’t easy) and grinding hard on the rap sidelines. It wasn’t until “Fancy” blew up that she officially became a hot topic.

Regardless of personal opinions, Azalea has done well for herself in 2014. “Fancy” has now topped Billboard for seven weeks, and a month ago she matched the Beatles charts record. In fact, she’s now so big the hits just keep coming, and we don’t mean the music kind.

A few days ago, Buzzfeed rounded up a list of “28 People Who Just Found Out Iggy Azalea Is White,” and Chuck D just blasted her for using the n-word  –without substantial proof that she actually used the n-word.

Is she an easy target? Probably. A southern-sounding Australian rapper is bound to catch the shaft at least once in their career. She seems to be making her way through it though.

View 10 times she got dissed in the gallery below.

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