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Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli’s early exit from the 2014 FIFA World Cup has left him with dangerously too much free time on his hands.

His country understandably has many disappointed fans with his overall performance, which caused the footballer to become fed up and take to his Instagram account to send some literal warning shots to all who root against him.

While holding a shotgun aimed at the camera, Balotelli wrote, “Big kiss to all my haters.” His football club isn’t happy with his behavior but there is little they can do.

Via Fox Sports:

AC Milan is not amused by Mario Balotelli’s use of a gun on social media.

After facing more criticism than most players for Italy’s first-round exit from the World Cup, and constantly subjected to racism, Balotelli posted a photo on Instagram early Friday featuring him pointing a large gun at the camera.

The post was accompanied by a message: ”big kiss to all the haters.”

Milan vice president Adriano Galliani says, ”I have my own ideas about social networks and I’ve tried many times but our lawyer has always stopped me, saying that it would violate individual rights.”

Galliani adds, ”In contracts it’s written what players can and cannot do, but we can’t do anything regarding their private lives. We do it vocally but that’s not enough.”

Take a look at the pictures in the slideshow that led Balotelli to get to this level of hostility, including beach vacations with his beautiful fiancée. Rough life, bro.

Photo: Instagram/Mario Balotelli

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