Drake is all set to MC the 2014 ESPYS later this evening but he’s not exactly on the friendliest terms with every athlete across the board.

After tennis star Nicholas Kyrgios admitted that he had a disappointing game following a listening session of Drake on his iPod.

“I came out really flat, so hopefully I won’t listen to that again,” Kyrgios reportedly said following his Wimbledon first set match to Jiri Vesely. “It was actually Drake. Didn’t do the job for me.”

The disparaging remarks got back to Drizzy and he responded with a bit of (misguided) venom of his own.

“I also want to meet this guy that says that he lost because he listened to my music,” Drake tells Stereogum. “I also want to meet that guy and look him in the eye and see exactly who he is as a man and size him up and then chop him right down. Nick whatever-his-name-is — ’cause he didn’t win, so that’s how he’s going to be remembered: “Nick whatever-his-name-is.”

If you’re somewhat familiar with what the kids are saying these days, “chop down” means exactly what your perverted mind thinks it does. Nonetheless, Kyrgios didn’t want to be tossed off a roof with a “view from the 6” and clarified things on his Twitter account.

“Let’s be clear. I like @Drake – love his music, just said I was a little flat, ended up winning that match,” he explains. “No blame game here.”

This is probably where it ends but don’t expect any OVO tennis collaborations with Kyrgios in the future.

Continue on through the gallery to see some of the humorous Twitter conversations the ordeal spawned.

Photos: Twitter/Nicholas Kyrgios

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