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Because the Internets never sleep, Black Twitter delivered an onslaught of knee-slapping #TIMEtitles, following TIME magazine’s article on the word “bae.”

After Pharrell Williams debuted his lighthearted, multicolored visual for “Come Get It Bae” featuring Miley Cyrus, TIME published an entire article trying to explain what the word “bae” truly stands for. In “This Is What ‘Bae’ Means,” the author behind the overreaching write-up goes on and on about the possible meanings of the now-popular term “bae,” while picking at its root and even veering off into definitions of “weird” and “f*ck.” Talk about moonshine rubbish.

As a result, the Twitterverse went in with hilarious slander aimed at mocking TIME for its loquacious article.

Peep some of the BEST #TIMEtitles tweets on the following pages.

Photos: Twitter

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