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Suicide will forever be a touchy subject. It’s an issue that leaves many unanswered questions, even when a note of explanation is left behind.

Clinical studies show that victims who successfully take their own lives show signs of happiness before the fatal last act, as if they’ve made peace with their decisions. Most botched or public attempts are generally seen as cries for help. Needless to say, fame and fortune have not been proven to be satisfactory prevention of mental illness.

Which leads us to looking at 15 relatives of celebrities who committed suicide, always without warning. Rappers have preached how their newfound success always leads to unforeseen problems and you will find a couple of MCs who had their family tree branches rocked by such tragedy.

Hopefully Drew Barrymore will not eventually be added to the list, after her half-sister was found dead this yesterday (July 29) with a pills scattered all over her body. The family is still awaiting the results of the autopsy.

In light of Robin Williams’ recent passing, which rocked the nation due to reports that rule his death an “apparent suicide,” we’d like to reintroduce this list of famous folks who’ve taken their lives as well. Hopefully this list will help prompt those in pain to reach out for help.

Photo: Chris Connor/WENN

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