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Following the release of Lil Kim’s Nicki Minaj diss from her “Flawless (Remix),” the viral universe erupted in hate more than anything else.

The Original Queen Bee came for The Barbz on her own version of Beyoncé’s feminist anthem (she even photoshopped herself inside the cover). But despite the vet’s esteemed résumé, Twitter verbally slaughtered her for trying way too hard with less than mediocre bars.

“Am I tripping or did this hoe just say my name?” she said. “Queen of rap? F*ck outta here/ Queen’s back, f*ck outta here/ Time to get this wack b*tch up outta here.”

See just how harsh Twitter reacted to the Brooklyn rapper in the gallery below. Give us your two cents in the comments!

Photos: Twitter

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