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One factor often gets lost in the midst of Bobby Shmurda’s increasing popularity — “Hot Ni**a,” the track that brought him prominence is technically a freestyle. But the man behind the music, Jahlil Beats, recently gave MrBiznessProductions the full scoop on why the Brooklyn rapper technically didn’t steal the beat.

Most attribute the song with a jiggy dance and an accompanying hat toss, but it’s origin actually stems back to 2012, when Jahlil created what would become Lloyd Banks’ “Jackpot.”

“I did the record like two years ago – 2012. [Banks] dropped a record called ‘Jackpot’ which was crazy too,” the Roc Nation producer said. “But Banks didn’t really do nothing to it.”

He continued, “Then two years later the kid Bobby Shmurda did something to it. The joint was buzzing on the internet. It’s a young brother from Brooklyn trying to come up, so I’m like, ‘Rock with that joint.’ Banks didn’t buy the record, so go ahead and do your thing.”

As the saying goes, the rest was history. See a clip of Jahlil Beats recreating the beat below.


Photo: YouTube