Cosmetology is no longer reserved for the magic of movies or first date trickery. Through creativity and craftiness, a willing human easel can literally transform into their favorite celebrity.

At least that is what French makeup artist Magali Beauvue is showing us in her online portfolio. Without the beauty chemicals, she is an attractive, youthful female with a fair complexion and dazzling smile. When left to her own devices, she is every notable Hip-Hop personality on the planet.

Without the help of special effects, Photoshop or other slight of the eyes, Beauvue has created a collection where she morphed Jay Z, Beyoncé, Drake and Pharrell among others. All she needed was foundation, powder and serious skills.

Flip through the gallery to see her most impressive transformations in this bout of celebrity makeup games, French style.

H/T: WeWomen

Photos: Facebook/MakeupmagMagaliBeauvue

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