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In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible for someone raised in an urban setting not to be affected by Hip-Hop culture in some way. But to rise from fan to purveyor to a successful artist remains an uphill battle, especially when The Notorious B.I.G.’s famous quote, “Either you slingin’ crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot,” speaks to one’s true life situation.

Rapper Snootie Wild can attest to said statement. Hailing from Memphis, the southerner can effectively speak about what’s happening in the streets, because he’s not too far removed. He’s what we like to call a success story in its early stages–one that can take a turn for the worse or make strides for the better at any given moment. In his current disposition, Snootie is focused on the latter, more positive route, having scored a hit single in “Yayo” and a spot on Yo Gotti’s CMG Records roster.

But that opportunity didn’t come without its fair share of let downs and life lessons. Around the age of 16 or 17, Snootie was stabbed in the knee, ending any NBA aspirations. He soon took to the streets, but eventually got caught up and landed in prison. Having a chance to “sit still,” however, gave Snootie a chance to hone his rap talents–once a hobby–into a career.

As you can see, things have panned out thus far.

Who: Born and raised in Memphis, Tenn., Snootie Wild, 29, is one of the city’s promising up and coming artist. His hit record “Yayo” caught the ear of hometown legend Yo Gotti, who at the time was forming his CMG Records imprint with Epic Records. It was only logical to sign Snootie to the team. The rapper has since appeared on CMG’s Chapter One compilation mixtape and the accompanying tour. He’s currently prepping his upcoming project, Go Mode.

Credentials: Under the tutelage of Gotti, Snootie has already toured and is prepping to hit the road on T-Pain’s “The Drankin Patna” Tour.

Fun Fact: Snootie says that one of his crowning moments was performing at the legendary B.B. King’s in NYC while on Gotti’s I Am Tour.

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