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St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson wanted to avoid another case of witness speculation over the shooting and killing of Kajieme Powell, the defiant 25-year-old who cops gunned down after they say he came at them with a knife.

So Dotson authorized the release of the 911 audio, surveillance video and cellphone video of the incident for the world to see.

When relayed via news report, the shooting sounded like a simple case of police thwarting a deadly threat in the name of self-defense. The cellphone video, however, shows Powell erratically yelling both “Shoot me now!” and “Kill me now!” and pacing towards the officers where a kill shot seemingly could have been avoided.

While it is unknown how many times Powell was struck before he died, both officers at the scene were reported to have fired six shots a piece. Immediately, onlookers were stunned by what they had witnessed and questioned whether or not rubber bullets, tasers or shooting Powell in the knees would have been just as effective.

According to the MSN report, both officers are relatively new to the force; one being 25-years-old with three years of experience and the other being 31 years of age with about 2 1/2 years underneath his belt.

That being said, did they do the right thing by ending Powell’s life or did they panic, seeing that they are fairly new to the battlefield?

Have a look for yourself for the answers from the graphic video below. The ordeal transpired roughly 5 miles from where Michael Brown was also killed by police.

Photo: YouTube

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