The journey to stardom and riches isn’t an easy one. Even more difficult is holding on to the newfound wealth. Unfortunately too many rappers have shown that to very true.

Being in the limelight entertainers often feel the pressure to keep up with the Jones. The car has to be right, the jewelry has to be up to date, bottles have to be popped and VIP is the only way you travel.

With all those unspoken prerequisites comes a need for proficiency in money management that few stars really have. That’s why year after year we have top tier Rap recording artists crying broke. But before the official move into the poorhouse is made, there are some very clear indications that they are heading into trouble.

So we present the top 10 signs your favorite rapper is in financial struggle. Did we mention that Moguldom Studios has a new documentary titled When The Checks Stop Coming In that details how celebrities can easily go broke?

Learn more about, or buy or rent, When The Checks Stop Coming In here.

Photo: Instagram

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