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An Arizona shooting instructor was killed after the 9-year-old girl he teaching how to shoot an Uzi lost control of the weapon and accidentally shot him in the head.

Reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

An instructor who was shot by a 9-year-old girl who fired an Uzi at a northwestern Arizona shooting range died Monday night at University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

The girl fired the weapon at the outdoor range that caters to heavy tourism traffic along U.S. Highway 93 between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Highway signage and Internet advertising beckons visitors to stop in, fire a machine gun and enjoy a meal at the Bullets and Burgers enterprise at the Last Stop, about 25 miles south of Las Vegas.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said the accidental shooting occurred about 10 a.m. Spokeswoman Trish Carter said the girl, who was vacationing from New Jersey with her parents, was standing next to the instructor at the time.

Mohave County Sheriff Jim McCabe described a video taken of the accident as “ghastly.” His office released a short video of the girl taking her first few shots.

However, when the weapon was placed in fully automatic mode is when ish went wrong. The little girl lost control of the weapon, which reportedly drifted toward the instructor, who caught a fatal wound to the head.

Bullets and Burgers, though? Bruh…

Watch a portion of the video, everything was caught on film, below.

Photo: Arizona PD