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Mentioning the phrase “commercial radio” to even a casual music fan has arguably become the equivalent of saying a dirty word in church. DJ Skee is looking to do something about that and the veteran music personality has already begun to take action.

After abruptly leaving his platform at Sirius XM, Skee and his crew launched their new venture DASH Radio in an astonishing turnaround time that could be simply considered a gift to fans demanding more from their airwaves.

Last week in Hollywood, Wiz Khalifa invited several of his fans from all over the country for a meet and greet and to discuss the new #1 album in the country, Blacc Hollywood. Hip-Hop Wired was also in the building and asked Skee about the goals and overall mission of his new endeavor.

“Dash Radio is the future radio. The goal is to become the leading broadcaster of the digital era,” Skee explained. “We still feel that radio is the last element of music and entertainment. That being said, I don’t see FM antennas being around in the next decade and there’s an opportunity for someone to really come in and shake it up. Radio can be something that is so magical but let’s be honest, the majority of the vast public think it sucks! It’s just a fact. When I’m originally stated that, I wasn’t pulling a radical statement from thin air. We wanted to come in and bring that magic back. I can’t say that I disagree [with them].”

Hypothetically speaking, we asked Skee to envision a scenario where the opinion of radio was an actual fact and he summarized the thought saying, “We’re coming in–getting rid of the commercials and are giving everybody all the variety in the world. And the easy thing is getting rid of all the commercials. I don’t even think they work. All that money brands shell into them–people tune away. There’s so many other options with an app.”

Flip through the gallery to see Wiz interacting with the people and download the Dash Radio app here. Free of charge, of course.

Photos: Third Floor Network

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