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As she continues her rise to fame Nicki Minaj has become the latest celebrity to be named in a sex tape scandal.

A sex tape of Young Money’s Harajuku Barbie has reportedly surfaced showing a pre-fame Minaj engaged in various sex acts.

The tape is reportedly being sold for over $100,000 and shows a younger version of Nicki Minaj performing sexually on camera.

Excerpts from the tape are expected to leak to the net soon but no word on whether it features men or women in the scenes.

As previously reported Nicki has admitted to being an openly bi-sexual woman.

She told Details magazine that she hopes rap becomes more “gay friendly” so that an openly gay male rapper can prevail.

“I think the world is getting more gay-friendly, so hip-hop is too. But it’s harder to imagine an openly gay male rapper being embraced. People view gay men as having no street credibility. But I think we’ll see one in my lifetime…”

She also told Details that she views herself as a role model and feels pressure to tone down her racy image.

“I do. I’m a role model now. I didn’t know I was gonna have 13-year-old fans, so I’ve tried to change a few things here and there. But I also know that the girls don’t want me to be Miley Cyrus, either.”

Can you imagine what this tape would do to her “role model” image???