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After the “streets” couldn’t tie-in Chris Brown to the Suge Knight murder attempt, they have a new theory as to who and why the music mogul was riddled with bullets.

It’s no secret that the former Death Row CEO’s fianances are constantly embroiled in drama and AllHipHop is claiming that Suge owed Abou “Bu” Thiam $250,000 and got fed up with waiting on that payment.

Bu is a well-known music industry executive who happens to be both Akon’s brother as well as Chris Brown’s manager. There isn’t any concrete evidence of the latest allegations but once your name gets thrown into a rumor, it’s generally hard removing the mud stains.

The incident in question occurred on August 24 right before the 2014 MTV VMAs. Knight has been slowly recovering from his injuries since then.

Photo: Instagram/Blu