Somehow, someway, pictures of the six bullet wounds and the surgery scar Suge Knight received after being shot last week have made it onto the Internets.

Reports TMZ:

Suge Knight‘s torso looks like a piece of Swiss cheese — riddled with 5 bullet holes, plus another in his arm — and these photos of the damage make you wonder how in the world he survived.

In the pics, obtained by TMZ, some of Suge’s wounds are still packed with gauze … after the shooting nine days ago at a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown.

You can also see the massive scar down the middle of his gut– sources tell us doctors had to slice his torso open to make sure the bullets did not hit any major organs. Amazingly, they did not.

One crazy detail — the bullet hole in Suge’s arm is inches away from his ink honoring Tupac. One cool detail — docs stapled him up so well, his tatt of a vintage whip almost looks untouched.

For all you goons out there, please stop trying to kill this man. It’s clearly not working.

Check out the pics in the following pages.


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