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The Internets has Sister Jill Scott feeling a ways. After a nude pic (which she confirmed) of the singer and actress leaked yesterday (September 3), which quickly escalated commentary on Black Twitter, the “A Long Walk” singer did some venting this morning.

Inexplicably lost in all the chatter, and even slander, about the photo leak is that Scott is the victim here. She addresses this and more issues in a series of Twitter posts.

“1) How quickly they forget (smh). I did nothing wrong & nothing that was YOUR snake concern. My photo was hacked; my PRIVACY INVADED,” tweeted Scott early Thursday morning. “2) I will not be bowed. I have earned every inch of my life. What u see, you can not touch & if it’s not [heart symbol] & understanding. 3) you are not a part of my village therefore making your attempt to harm me null. I’m not even delayed. Shame for spreading. Shame 4 adding.

Also, for those who had a problem with Scott not being a waif-life size, she added, “I love and appreciate my body. My style has always been graceful. Love Village I see you & feel you too.”

Love Village remains undefeated. We still want the FBI to investigate how Scott’s photo made it online just like they’re allegedly doing for Kate Upton and co., too.

Check out Scott’s tweets in the following pages.


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