Money comes and goes. This saying could not be truer in Hip-Hop. While the splurging seems to have no prejudice, there are the usual suspects that always seem to get the lion share of a Rapper’s money.

But with the nonstop reminders of wealth and pricy material items found in our music, it is no surprise recording artists feel the need to live up to these expectations.

Whether or not the lifestyle really reflects their lyrical content, the money trail usually leads to a couple of expected places. While some can be considered as good investments the majority are impulse purchases they will probably go on to regret in the future.

So we present the top 9 businesses that get all of Hip-Hop’s money. Did we mention that Moguldom Studios has a new documentary titled When The Checks Stop Coming In that details how celebrities can easily go broke?

Learn more about, or buy or rent, When The Checks Stop Coming In here.

Photo: Instagram

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