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Now everyone that grew up on the television during the 90’s remembers this face.

Outside of Tia and Tamera, there was another Mowry that had audiences glued to the tube.

With his career starting on Full House, young Tahj Mowry branched out to take the airwaves by storm as T.J Henderson with his own sitcom Smart Guy, but unlike his sister’s, who have been more in the spotlight and finding new television gigs, the youngest has been somewhat AWOL.

[Check after the jump to see how Tahj Mowry is capturing the hearts of the girls now]

Apparently Tahj, now 24, had been hiding back some singing talent until now.  Covering some of his favorites, along with the favorites of the fans, Mowry is crooning his way back into the hearts of women all over as a singer.

I’ve also been pronouncing their last name wrong for YEARS!

Here’s footage of Tahj’s live performance.