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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been under tremendous fire this week, all stemming from the shocking contents of the Ray Rice video.

The league’s top official has repeatedly denied seeing the video before its Monday world premiere, and for now, the 32 NFL owners believe him.

However, if the investigation by former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III proves that to be a lie, his support amongst the owners will cease to exist.

Reports The Washington Post:

“He’s been a very good commissioner and he’s done great things for the league,” a high-ranking executive with one NFL team said. “The presumption is that he’s telling the truth and the investigation will demonstrate that. We’ll go by the report [generated by Mueller’s investigation]. If the report says something different, we’ll take the appropriate action.”

That executive and others spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing the investigation.

An official with another NFL team who had been briefed on the views of the owner of his franchise said of that owner: “He supports the commissioner.” Asked what it would take for that owner’s support of Goodell to be withdrawn, the official said: “If the investigation concludes that the commissioner saw more and knew more than he has said, and he was not truthful about that to the clubs, things would change.”

Regardless of the internal backing from the league, several fans and organizations have been tiressly campaigning for his removal from office.

It’s been a complete distraction, as regular season play is in full swing.

Photo: ESPN