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Managing to keep himself out of the grips of the law for over a year a recent win would ultimately be a loss for a fugitive.

Michael Luce, accompanied by his significant other Amanda McIntyre, were busted with 2.5 pounds of meth last year, but were able to slip away from the law, until they were caught last month.

On April 16, Luce made the decision to try his luck at the Coeur d’Alene Casino.  After hitting a $5,000 jackpot, he attempted to cash out, but was recognized by the workers from a police flier.

Acting quickly to the sighting, authorities were able to capture and detain the fugitive finally.  McIntyre, however, was still on the run and had yet to be found.

Thanks to Luce, it was only a matter of time as he would make calls to his female friend, from the jail, discussing business.  Tracing the calls resulted in the woman also being captured and thrown in Spokane Jail.

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