HHW: What would you say is the difference between this generation of Atlanta rappers and past ones?

OG Maco: I feel like every other generation musically in Atlanta—and I’m not taking away anyone else’s greatness in my next statement—but I feel like all the other past generations of Atlanta were based on some type of format and some real copy cat ass sh*t. It’s like “Ok, that’s what we on right now, so we’re all on that right now.” Whoever are the best artists at the moment will be copied, and that’s how everyone blows up.

Our generation, we’re really rebels. We really don’t give a f*ck. All of us rap however the f*ck we want to rap—if you want to even call it rap. We all do whatever we want to do and we do it however long it takes until people realize it’s great. We believe in each other before mainstream catches on […] we all support each other first. We all say each other are legends first, then people find out why because they pick up on the music.

When no one sounds alike and there’s still that kind of unity, that sh*t hard. It’s progress.

HHW: Speaking of unity, Atlanta artists actually seem like friends more than collaborators who respect each other. Why is that?

OG Maco: It’s more p*ssy to keep that friction in your city, because no one gets any glow from that. Anything else is attention, and that isn’t sh*t. Every place that had attention because rappers were going at each other, it all collapsed in on itself.

Meanwhile, all of us have actually been friends—no matter how we met. A lot of the people I met through rap didn’t meet me rapping, even if they themselves were already rapping. When you actually know a person, you really care about situations and doing something that you’re friend would jump in on. Something that could create a situation, now all of your futures are in danger.

Not too many people are willing to think about the next ni**a. We should always be thinking about the next man, because we’re going to take care of ourselves—or God will.

HHW: You created your upcoming project, Live Life 2, with producer Cardo, which a departure from the sound fans are loving. Any cause for that?

OG Maco: It’s funny you use the word “departure,” because what a lot of people don’t know is “U Guessed It” is a departure from my real sound. My first mixtape had Cardo sh*t on it, and sonically, it’s picture is more in depth than the “U Guessed It” beat. But Brandon [Thomas] made beats that are really simple, but really intrinsic. Cardo is way closer to what my fans are used to me doing.

HHW: That said, how do you plan to bridge the gap between your new fans and core fans?

OG Maco: The best way is literally just to do it. Everybody’s going to listen to Live Life 2. What you do when you see a two? You go and listen to the first project. Live Life 2 has enough components from what new fans love from “U Guessed It,” “F*CKEMx3,”and “Want More,” that when they hear the things that were missing from those records, because people weren’t ready for it, they’ll say “Oh sh*t! It’s real now.”

There’s arguments going on right now about what kind of staying power, what kind of impact I’m about to have. And there’s people [rooting for me] who think they’re going to win that argument. They’re going to win that argument.


“U Guessed It”


“F*CKEMx3” ft. Migos

“Want More”

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