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Bringing weed to court is never a good idea, especially when you’re headed to face charges that happen to include marijuana possession. But some people enjoy life on the edge.

Richard Thompson was arrested after he brought 50 grams of weed into a New Jersey courtroom Thursday (Oct. 2) morning.


Richard Thompson, 32, of Stamford, Connecticut, showed up at court around 10:20 a.m. with a backpack, according to police spokesman Joe Pentangelo.

As part of standard security screenings, officials opened the bag and discovered less than 50 grams of marijuana inside.

They also found two packages of rolling papers and an unrolled cigar wrapper often re-used to smoke marijuana, Pentangelo said.

Port Authority Police Officer Steve Pisciotta arrested Thompson on charges of having marijuana and drug paraphernalia, the spokesman added.


Thompson was in court for an arrest on the George Washington Bridge on May 16 for driving under a suspended license, and suspected DUI, and possession of weed that was in his car. Bruh…


photo: Port Authority PD