Miami bred lyricist Rick Ross recently sat down and revealed that the decision to partner with Diddy has definitely opened up some doors.

Ross who has worked with Diddy on countless collaborations, including the Dirty Money hit “Hello, Good Morning,” states to MTV that Diddy helped bring things to the “horizons” that Ross had overlooked.

“The more time you spend with [Diddy], you understand the importance of relationships,” he added about what he’s learned from the legendary businessman. “In these few weeks, just the moves we’ve made have been big. Just us pulling off this F. Gary Gray video …”

Ross also revealed that Diddy produced some tracks off of his upcoming album Teflon Don, which is due to hit stores July 6.

“I had a listening session just for our immediate circle,” Ross explained. “F. Gary Gray sat in on it. Myself, Khaled was in there. Diddy, [Bad Boy Executive] Harve [Pierre], [Diddy’s manager] James Cruz, Gucci Poochie was in there. We went through so many records. Just to hear [Diddy’s] input down to the smallest things, you know: percussions and snares and the production of the production. That’s what I want. That’s what I respect.”

Peep the interview:

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