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Much to chagrin of Oklahmoma Thunder fans, Kevin Durant recently suffered the first major injury of his playing career. The reigning NBA MVP will be forced to sit out for the first 6-8 weeks of the regular season with a foot fracture. While most of the sports world are sending the superstar their well wishes, Durant’s biggest nemesis in Lil B is perched on top his hangout laughing like Rumpelstiltskin. And he’s crediting the almost believable Basedgod Curse.

When word of Durant’s predicament breached his radar, the unconventional rapper gloated on his Twitter , “I THOUGHT THE CURSE WAS OVER BASEDGOD! PLEASE I NEED TO TALK TO ” THE BASEDGOD ” I THOUGHT THE CURSE WAS OVER ! (SCREAMING) – Lil B.”

Durant made efforts to dead the three-year-old feud in an interview weeks ago, telling REVOLT TV, “Every time I sign into Twitter or Instagram there’s this Lil B stuff coming up. I don’t have no problem with Lil B,” he admitted. “”He’s got so many fans, it’s starting to get on my nerves. Just to get those people away from me; me and Lil B are cool.”

Hopefully KD35 has some more conjuring magic tricks up his sleeve during the course of his rehab. To see how Lil B’s legion of fans have cyberbullied the NBA star, click here and here.

Photos: Twitter