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The Snowman just wants to be closer to his fans. Jeezy is already on the road for his “Seen It All” national tour, and the “Mr. 17.5” rapper says he purposely booked smaller venues compared to the arenas he is capable of rocking. 

Although Jeezy has been on tours with the likes of Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Drake and most recently Wiz Khalifa, he preferred smaller spots for his current set of dates.

“I been a part of big situations but nothing is more impactful for me than doing it at an intimate setting and actually just having the time to walk through with your fans, your art,” Jeezy told Hip-Hop Wired. “With the Seen It All album, I’m just really excited about performing songs that I wouldn’t be able to perform on these big tours. The big tours are about the hits. These type of tours are about the records you wrote for your fans.”

Some of those records Jeezy is referring to include cuts like “4 Zones,” “Black Eskimos” and “Win Is A Win” off his new album.

He added, “I haven’t performed those songs since I wrote them. So to me I’m more excited to get out there and touch my fans and give them a dose of what I do up close and personal.”

Tried and true Jeezy fans will also get their share underground anthems like “Bottom of the Map” and “Trap Star.” Jeezy has come a long way since those records were made. Now he sports major rapper problems like reportedly getting sued for “Holy Ghost” off Seen It All by T.D. Jakes and  a gun possession case (turns out a rifle found on his tour bus was his security guard’s).

Nevertheless, Jeezy is pressing on, without a proper opening act.

“To be honest with you, I want to keep it all me man,” says Jeezy, before diving into a Snowman on the Pulpit metaphor. “If I were a preacher and I was going to a small church, I wouldn’t need nobody else to get up there and warm it up for me. I want to go talk to the people straight up. I want to get there early, and I want to leave there late. So I need all the time I can get. That sounds a little selfish…I’m coming to work, I ain’t coming to play.”

The “Seen It All” tour’s next stop is Morgan State University tonight (Oct. 17) as part of the school’s homecoming celebration.

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