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Chris Brown is having a moment of clarity after yesterday’s fire and brimstone exhibition that raked Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton over the coals.

To briefly backtrack, the two ladies used Brown and his publicly analyzed relationship with Karrueche Tran as an example for one of their segues on their talk show, The Real. The “Fine China” singer got wind of the conversation and went from 0 to 100 real quick in a slanderous Instagram post, to which he got a rise out of Braxton and Karrueche, while Bailon most likely went to TMZ with her rebuttal.

Without totally pacifying the elephant in the room, Breezy addressed the situation on Instagram while sticking to his guns that he depleted of ammunition.

Yesterday’s roast was amusing to some and disrespectful to others. All in all the whole shit was childish. I could’ve have been politically correct and went about the situation more civilised but I’m not fake nor do I need to ever comment on anyone’s life. I felt the need to say what I felt. It seems everyone can always have an opinion on “CHRIS BROWN” and chime in whenever they want. The show was depicting relationships. They gave their views on my relationship by bashing my significant other for being with me publicly on national television. There are too many Pots calling the kettle black. I know that with me being a public figure and one of the best at what I do it’s more of a story to talk about. It comes with the territory. Like I said before, I say what I feel and what I want especially if anyone has an opinion about me and mine. Somedays I’ll be cool and then other days ima roast ya ass. So this isn’t an apology for yesterday. Just a reflection. People, live ya life, you’ll mess around and go blind looking at me all the time. #teambreezyaintwitthebullshit

In a since-deleted video (saved by The Daily Mail), Breezy affirmed his girlfriend’s observations that his chill was nonexistent. But otherwise, it was back to business as he shared a photo of an upcoming collaboration with Omarion and Jhené Aiko titled “Post to Be.”

Hit the flip for the Instagram shots so you know we’re not committing libel here.

Photos: Instagram

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