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Nicki Minaj just can’t seem to catch a break for anything that her Pink Print contains.

Following the release of “Only,” her latest street single featuring Lil Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown, Nicki headed out to Europe to partake in the MTV EMA Awards. As the “Anaconda” tamer was being showered with praise, the song’s accompanying lyric video was being persecuted for what many perceived to be Nazi and pro-Hitler imagery.

Over the last couple of years, artists have begun a trend that showcases their lyric videos to be almost–if not sometimes just as–well executed as the official video. For “Only,” the animators depicted Nicki as foreign dictator while legions of soldiers marched in absolute militancy at her every command. Lil Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown are also portrayed as a vice-president, priest and general of the military, respectively.

It doesn’t help matters that the illustrations of YMCMB’s longtime “YM” logo are drawn as almost to resemble a swastika. When the video was published on countless sites worldwide, no author presented as such a swipe at Jewish people, but the social media saw it much differently once the cartoon went viral.

Nicki has yet to respond to the claims, but with the outrage sweeping the net, it would be hard for her to ignore for too long.

Check out pictures from the video and some of the backlash she received and let us know if the Nicki Minaj anti-Semitism outrage is justified in the comments.

Photos: VEVO: Twitter

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