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Jorge Pena, the man in an 8-Ball jacket seen smacking fire out of a loudmouth woman who hit him with her shoes on an F train, won’t be charged. Footage of the incident went viral after it was uploaded to YouTube, and it’s likely the reason the charges against Pena (misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct) were dropped. 

Reports the New York Post:

Jorge Pena spent four nights in jail after the brawl, which ​was widely viewed after footage was posted ​to YouTube, before making his $1,000 bail early Tuesday.

A law enforcement source confirmed that all the charges against Pena were dismissed.

Pena’s lawyer, Cary London, said he thinks the charges were thrown out because the woman in the video appeared to be the aggressor.

“This time the system worked,” London said.

“Thank God for smartphones because the DA’s office was able to have all of the information in front of them at an early stage to show that our client did nothing wrong and acted in self-defense.”

The woman who reportedly smacked Pena, Danay Howard, 21, has been charged with felony assault. Pena, who is 6′ 6″ tall, was on the way home from his gig as a bouncer at an LES bar when the confrontation on the train occurred.

In an interview with The Post, he claimed his jacket is indeed fashionable. He’s been making the media rounds, telling the New York Daily News that he wants to apologize for hitting a girl.

Pena plans to sue over the four days he spent in jail. Has justice been served?

Photo: YouTube


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