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Soulja Boy’s homey and The Pack member Lil B was sucker punched during an interview by someone who obviously wasn’t one of his supporters.

While many feel that hate is a strong word to use, the perspective for most when it comes to Lil B isn’t the most pleasant, especially as of late.

A recent interview showed exactly what type of reception he had as the rapper was repeatedly punched in the face until his neck literally cocked back and he looked to pass out while standing.

The most interesting part is the fact that he was assaulted by the man who was interviewing him!!!

[Check for Lil B’s response, THE SAME DAY, after the jump]

Lil B definitely makes a point in the fact that Black people are the reason for their own destruction.  Regardless of how much people might be dissatisfied with his type of music, what did he REALLY do to anyone to deserve such treatment.

“N**ger moments” such these can only spiral out of control and leave bad results and for what at the end of the day?  Granted the interviewer may have let off some aggression, but what about the aftermath?

We’re getting too old to not be thinking before we act people…step it up.